FiOS TV – Hook Me Up

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FiOS TV – Hook Me Up: “

I have never bought a TV. After college I was one of those weird people who didn’t have one. I came into joint ownership of an ancient Sony when I got married. After 14 years of service we have decided to euthanize it. Simultaneously, I discover that Verizon now offers Versus, the channel previously known as OLN that’broadcasts the Tour de France each summer.

This convergence of events has stirred me into capex mode. I signed up for Verizon FiOS TV service (not the el cheapo basic Comcast cable I had previously) and will have it installed in a week. And I have promised to perform my masculine tech-hunting duties by securing a new TV by then.

The Tivo DVR does not yet know that it too, will be put out to pasture. I’m about to discover what sort of competitive advantage their software and infrastructure brings.

(Via Nyquist Capital.)