Australian Carrier Telstra’s FTTH Installation Costs Questioned

gotta love the difference in Provisioning a home for FTTH in Australia.
Telstra $5,000 vs $1,500 ….

Australian Carrier Telstra’s FTTH Installation Costs Questioned: “

The Victoria, Australia state government has advised developers to proceed with caution when accepting bids the carrier Telstra for FTTH installation for new developements. Telstra is charging AUD ~$5000 to provision FTTH for each home.

In comparison: ‘The Bracks Government is delivering (Fibre-to-the-Home) FTTH to 8000 houses at the Aurora estate in Epping at a cost to the developer VicUrban of $1500 per lot, which also includes the provision of 6 months free internet.’

Telstra counters that this is not an apples to apples comparison.’

(Via FTTHblog.)