Swisscom Launches MS IPTV – After numerous delays and headaches

Swisscom Launches MS IPTV – After numerous delays and headaches: “

Swisscom today launched their IPTV service, which like AT&T’s U-Verse is running over copper and is powered by Microsoft software. In June of 2005 a report surfaced that claimed Swisscom was having significant problems with Microsoft’s software, complaints that seemed validated recently when Verizon stated they had to re-write a significant amount of Microsoft code because it was unwieldy. While earlier incarnations of Swisscom’s system faced hiccups (like channel switch lag), the Swiss telco claims they’ve resolved most of the problems.

Swisscom is offering TV service to both ADSL and VDSL customers, but the former will only be able to watch and record one program at a time, according to the company’s press release. The company states that 75% (or 2.3 million) of Swiss households have access to the IPTV service, while 65% (or 2 million) of households have access to VDSL technology needed for multiple channels. No mention is made in the release of high-definition offerings.