Optimum On-line 50Mbps Cable Impressions – Narad switched ethernet over cable


Optimum On-line 50Mbps Cable Impressions – Narad switched ethernet over cable: “

A user in our Optimum On-line forum is participating in a trial of Cablevision’s symmetrical 50Mbps service and offers his impressions for your perusing pleasure&#46 Optimum On-line ‘Ultra’ tier was in limited deployment last spring in Oyster Bay. Since then, though, it’s seen trial expansion as Cablevision prepares to duke it out with Verizon Fios.

The tier is using switched Ethernet over cable technology from Narad networks. ‘The latency is INCREDIBLY low,’ observes the user, who posts a few photos. ‘Every hop within CV’s network is between 1ms and 2ms, DSLR is 4ms and nyc.speakeasy.net replies in 3ms.’ According to Narad, the technology is theoretically able to reach speeds as high as 100Mbps:’Narad switches are placed at existing coax cable tap locations along what is now HFC trunk. Ethernet from fiber and existing video, voice, data from coax are fed into the Narad modular tap switch. Narad modems inside the switch convert fiber-fed Ethernet into a modulated carrier at frequencies above existing.. (full story @ BBR)

(Via broadbandreports.com.)