Cisco / Greenfield & The Chess Game ;-)

Yesterday I wondered if Greenfield had won any significant box designs that would make this purchase similar to Skystone and StratumOne. Well today Andrew@Nyquist confirms my suspicions. This is exactly like those purchases — Good silicon solution that Cisco can use and a great Chess play to block competitors! Cisco are the grand masters at this game. Wow! They’ve got great game. — iain —

Cisco’s Scorched Earth Strategy: “

Cisco swallowed another chip company this morning, Greenfield Networks. The notable thing about this acquisition is that Cisco rival Huawei/3Combuilt their high end system around the Greenfield device. I’m willing to bet that Greenfield was a lot more important to Huawei/3Com than it was to Cisco. And I’m willing to bet that’s why Cisco bought them.

(Via Nyquist Capital.)

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