Clearwire’s WiMax in Seattle

Seattle times has an article on Clearwire’s rollout of WiMax in Seattle. It will be interesting to see how this fares. It is mostly positive, though comments on the modem size are not.

The biggest issue I’ve had in comparing wireline vs. wireless broadband is the “data cap”. Often the “cap” is set for light internet use, like e-mail, but is easily exceeded as soon as you do any web-surfing.

I wonder what the “data cap” is for this? I couldn’t find it on the clearwire site.

* for comparison – Shaw’s Caps

  • Lite – 10GB/month
  • Regular – 60GB/month
  • Xtreme – 100GB/month
  • Nitro – 150GB/month


Wireless Internet’s new target: Seattle homes