Battle of the RSS Newreaders – My Experience So Far

I’ve been using My.Yahoo for over a decade. It’s very familiar and I often get lazy trying out alternatives. Yahoo was one of the first to incorporate RSS and I liked it. But in the past year, I’ve been really digging into the web for news and blogs. About 6 months ago I decided to investigate the other options because so many “net workers” were mentioning that there were significantly better alternatives.

Here are my rankings of tools that I’ve tried.

1. Newsgator products –

  • if you spend 1+ hours a day reading news on the net — this is the best option I’ve found
  • Newgator has desktop and online tools.
    • for PC (FeedDemon) & Mac ( I use the mac versions NetNewsWire and MarsEdit).
  • Q. Why do you need desktop & online? — A. The analogy is e-mail
    • if you read a little, then the online tools are fine.
    • if you read a lot, then a desktop application that synchronizes with the online version is soooo much better.
  • As with anything really good… this actually cost $$( ~$30)
  • The online tool is free and there is a feature reduced free desktop
    that I haven’t tried.

2. Google Reader –

  • Google has done a great job of getting their online tool to have all
    the good features of Bloglines and Newsgator

3. Netvibes

  • This is fun! It’s got “Joie de vivre!”
  • It is different ( based in France … don’t worry targeted audience is English speaking).
  • If you use Newsgator or Google Newsreader you’ll probably want to use this as well.
  • the open API ecosystem makes this a —– beautiful time waster 🙂

4. Bloglines —

  • I was a satisfied Bloglines user for about 6 months and then I
    eventually tried Newsgator Products.

    • the desktop client was the clincher in my switch to NetNewsWire (Newsgator), I loaded the 30
      day demo and never looked back from day 1.
  • If you’re already a Bloglines user there is no reason to change to any of the above unless you want a desktop client as well.
  • If you’re not a bloglines user already, move on.
  • Overall, I feel sorry for Bloglines because it is a great product that Google has pretty much matched feature-for-feature over the past year.
    • there is little reason to stick with the little guy 😦
    • especially if you’re using Google’s homepage.

5. Yahoo. Rss

  • Is okay for casual use.
  • for work purposes
    • there is no point bad mouthing this….. just switch to any of the above immediately.