AT&T Restates That FTTH is Unnecessary – In copper and compression they trust…

What is with US Telco’s? Why do they have the CFO’s talking strategy and technology? I’ve stopped counting how many times they’ve messed up the details šŸ˜¦

I’m sticking with Kedrosky’s view (Infectious Greed Blog) that goes something like —if you’re listening to the CFO talk strategy and you assume that you’ve misheard the point then you’ll be right more often than not.

AT&T Restates That FTTH is Unnecessary – In copper and compression they trust…: “

AT&T is again defending their decision to go with 25Mbps VDSL instead of fiber to the home, according to Reuters. ‘Our view at this point is that we’re not going to have go ‘fiber to the home,” insists AT&T CFO Richard Lindner. ‘We’re pleased with the bandwidth that we’re seeing over copper,’ he says. ‘On average, at this point, we’re producing about 25 megabits (per second). But in many many locations, we’re producing substantially more than that.’ Those locations are homes that are substantially closer to the CO.

As AT&T told us, they hope improved compression and channel bonding will provide more than 25Mbps. The company has said they plan on eventually offering customers two live HD streams, 2 SD streams, 6Mbps VDSL + overhead within that 25Mbps. Industry analysts are skeptical, saying that AT&T will be forced to compromise the quality of the HD streams.