Consumer arena now drives IC demand (and performance)

Let’s also add that consumer electronics are also driving the leading of edge technology in many places. For example wireless technologies WiFi, WiMax, Bluetooth, 3G, etc are all targeted at the consumer. For wireline, there is noise about 100GigE and 10GigE copper which are not consumer oriented, but the real market these days in wireline chips is the home multimedia networks which require significantly more bandwidth & storewidth, and lower price than the enterprise (or carrier). The consumer needs the highest performance networks and the lowest cost. This requires significant technical innovation which will propagate to enterprise and carrier. It is a complete reversal of technology propagation that occurred in the ’90’s.

Rambus CEO: Consumer arena now drives IC demand: “Rambus president and CEO Harold Hughes sees consumer electronics replacing government and business needs as the chief driver of chip demand.”

(Via EE Times Semiconductor News.)


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