Ten things I (the Investor) hate about you ( the Telcos)

This is one of those cases of — I liked it so much …. I forgot to post it … ’cause I was talking too much about it 😦

Here are the links to Eurotelco Blog’s (James Enck) original post and the follow-up.

Here is the List … go to the links for the depth (these are 3-pages of post)

  1. Telcos have lost control of their core product
  2. Voice is becoming a feature, not a service
  3. Telcos can’t grasp that consumers may not want what they’re being sold
  4. Telcos thrive on scarcity – future value will be built around abundance
  5. Command and control culture is dead, open APIs rule
  6. Telco DNA is fundamentally unsuited to the current dynamics of content
  7. Telcos expand their footprints physically, not virtually
  8. Telcos can’t innovate
  9. Telcos shouldn’t try to innovate
  10. Maybe the entire foundation is wrong