Carriers Pumping Cash Into DWDM(?)

Light Reading has an article pumping a new report on Carriers & DWDM. I love this kinda of wicked technology, but I’m also very wary of the financial impact of technology being too good — and that is what DWDM is — “It is just too good for its own good.”

For example, There is always a market problem when a “box” can lower the overall network cost by 10x. The vendor might be able to charge a 2x premium for the box, but in the end the market drops significantly. This is (yet another) significant problem that Optical Core networking market has(is) suffered(ing) thru. All these great technological advances eroded the market size significantly: EDFA’s significantly reduced the number of repeaters, distance between repeaters has been extended to huge distances, and then DWDM comes along to put even more traffic on a single fiber. Great technology and shrinking $market. bummer … ’cause it really is soooo cool. — Iain —

Carriers Pumping Cash Into DWDM: “Heavy Reading survey shows carriers are splashing their cash on DWDM upgrades and reveals just how interested they are in 100 Gbit/s”

(Via Light Reading.)