Weekend Reading: TV vs the Web (NewTeeVee)

Weekend Reading: TV vs the Web: “

Need some big-thinking reading material to catch up on the TV vs. the Web debate? Here’s a couple good primers, starting off with Steve Rubel on How TV Will Become the Ultimate Open Content Platform.

Talking about how the ‘Net will affect TV, Rubel says:

This is going to be one of the most important media trends over the next five years. The rapid pace of change will not only turn TV into an open content platform, but it will radically shift how advertising dollars are allocated and how the entire ad industry operates.

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A more where-we-are-now primer comes courtesy of BusinessWeek, where Catherine Holohan says that while the Web isn’t threatening TV viewing now, that could all change as better technology allows for more long-form video on the ‘Net:

That’s going to create more competition for television networks as Internet users have to choose between, say, watching a half-hour network show on air, watching a half-hour independently produced Internet show, or watching on-demand TV shows that normally wouldn’t compete for that time slot.

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