My Top 10 Records of 2006

Fred@ A VC’s end of the year Top 10 is always fun to follow.

On my front this is what I listened to the most this year. I’m not limiting my self to albums introduced in 2006. This is what is what lived in my cars CD player.

  • The Black Keys — I bought Chulahoma & then all the back catalog … mp3’s are worn out 😉
  • Belle & Sebastian — Life’s Pursuit
  • M. Ward — Post War — gets better with every listen.
  • Josh Rouse — Subtitlo — Had to get Jack Johnson out of the car 😉
  • The Pipettes — British Chick Band — very fun.
  • The Pinker Tones — Spanish techno — very fun.
  • Thievery Corporation — will be no#1 when I buy the new album.
  • Honorable mentions: Sigur Ros, Portastatic, Herbert – Scale, Michael Franti, Minus 5, Phish.

Iain 2006 Listening Chart

— Iain — Note Fred’s post is below … take a look.

My Top 10 Records of 2006: “

It’s that time of year again. I am going to give you a record a day for the next couple weeks, twelve in all because I can never keep it to ten.

I’ve been compiling a list of candidates as the year’s gone on and it’s here (also linked from the side of my blog). There’s almost twenty records on that list so I’ll have to whittle it down.

I also checked Amazon’s Top 100 Editor’s Picks and Top 100 Most Popular Records to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

Finally, I went to and looked at what I actually listened to this year.

So now I’ve got the universe of music figured out. I’ll start tomorrow. If anyone wants to throw in suggestions that aren’t already on my list, I am all ears.

(Via A VC.)


4 Replies to “My Top 10 Records of 2006”

  1. I’m posting my friend “Yogi’s reponse e-mail response to this post :

    “As for your music taste, I am a believer in the old Blue Angel slogan
    that everything after 1966 is crap (though I might extend this to the
    mid to late 1980s.”

    My response — It is ironic that in the time of the iPod, iTunes, eMusic,, Pandora, MySpace, etc that this is a fairly common response to, “What new music do you like?” I have to say that for me it has never been easier to find new music. It used to be Zulu records here in Vancouver or nothing. Now there is a bigger Zulu and all this stuff on the web. This is a golden age for music fans. Unfortunately this is a tough time for record companies, but listeners don’t have to bummed by them. There must be some good news for record companies in the future, because my gut feel is that more people are listening to a wider range of tunes than ever before.

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