What the !@#$ Does Marketing Do? — Part 2 – All Hands On Deck

To achieve Drucker’s definition of “Marketing” every person in a company is required. It is “All Hands on Deck”.

That means that the people with Marketing titles are the smallest component of this effort. Why is “Marketings” component of achieving “Marketing Nirvana” so small? It is because the “marketing department” has the lowest headcount of any department in most companies. A typical chip project has 100’s engineers (h/w, s/w, production, test, quality, etc), the whole sales force, an executive team, and 2 marketing people. This isn’t bad, it is just the facts.

With so few resources. “What does Marketing actually do?” My answer is that the objective of people with Marketing titles is to “manage the marketing process” or more specifically “manage the project whose objective is to know the customer so well, that the product sells itself”. Often this gets mixed up with an engineering slanted answer — “Marketing” is the product’s project manager or a sales slanted answer — “Marketing” helps close deals. These are not true, and will end in disaster. “Marketing” is the project manager for the “marketing effort” which is very different.

I usually get interrupted right here with:

  • So what is this “marketing process” or “marketing effort”? All the departments get out of the office and visit customers. We know the customer better than you marketing guys. We’re working with customers all the time. We know how to “Listen and React”. You guys just get in the way.

In my next post, I’m going to explain why “Listen & React” often goes wrong. Everyone is out there talking to customers, learning, and reacting quickly. This sounds so good. What could possibly go wrong? “What the !@#$ Does Marketing (Actually) Do?

Link to Part 1: What the !@#$ Does Marketing Do? — Part 1 – Theory


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