My Top TV Shows for 2006

I made up music list yesterday. It had a runaway favorite in the The Black Keys.

My TV list is the same, the runaway favorite is the BBC’s latest incarnation of Dr. Who. I watched Dr. Who 2006 religiously. It wasn’t as good as the previous season, it got a little too scary for my youngest kids. In 2005 the whole family watched, in 2006 only my oldest and I watched.

What a great show! I’m looking forward to the Christmas special, The Runaway Bride, where Rose Tyler’s replacement is introduced. It is gonna be great!

My TV List for 2006

  1. Dr. Who
  2. House — In the first season it was a shock to see Bertie Wooster being serious. But Bertie Wooster is coming out all over these days. Yes, I am huge fan of PG Wodehouse and the BBC “Jeeves and Wooster” series where Hugh Laurie played Bertie Wooster. I’m still confused why England get’s Laurie’s buddy Steven Frye as the reader for Harry Potter books and we don’t.
  3. Brothers & Sisters — just growing on me.

On the fence :

  • Studio 60 ( I was big fan of West Wing and Sports Night). Still don’t know if I really like it or not.
  • Torchwood — same … I wanna like it, but it is weak so far.


  1. The Masters (golf)
  2. The US Open (golf)
  3. Zidane’s Head Butt. World Cup Soccer
  4. Game 7 – Stanley Cup

Gave Up

  • Desparate Housewive — watched season 1 fanatically … then …
  • Numb3rs – watched season 1 fanatically … then …