Book Review — A Random Walk Down Wallstreet

My buddy Dave had this book listed in his top reads of 2006. I’m halfway through it and all I can say so far is —Why didn’t anyone tell me about this before!. Thank you Dave!

I’m reading the 8th edition. The 9th edition is coming out in 1Q07. A Random Walk Down WallStreet, Burton Malkiel

I specifically like the “holistic/balanced” discussion of “Stock Valuation” techniques from the 60’s to the 00’s. It includes Firm Foundation Theory, Castle’s in The Air Theory, Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Charting, etc. I’ve always had a tough time understanding the difference between Value & Growth portfolio’s. It is great to hear someone give a balanced view of all the strategies.

I’m hoping the 2nd half is a good as the first.


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  1. Iain Verigin says:

    I’ve finished. The conclusions are analogous to serious golf tips, not sexy. Highly recommend this book.

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