iPhone v2.0 is the Real Weapon (Nyquist)

Andrew@Nyquist has some good thoughts on forecasting iPhone units. I think that his comment

iPhone v2.0 is the Real Weapon: “The only area I could be wrong is if the iPhone creates a new class of consumer device, and raises the price/pain level consumers will accept for a mobile phone – by A LOT. I don’t think this is the case.” (Via Nyquist Capital.)

on this new class of device needs some thought. In my household, my wife looked at it and said, “That’s my new phone.” I replied with, “pretty expensive”. She said, “I want an iPod with a big screen. The fact that it has a phone is a bonus, and it is gonna be offered by my existing carrier Rogers (Canada).

It’s a done deal in her mind. I wonder how many of her there are?