Canada Sleeps Through War to ‘Save the Internet’ (TYee)

There are loads of articles on Net Neutrality. I’m kinda burned out on the topic, it seems out of my control, and is one of those political issues that is beyond politicians.

Today my friend Pierre reinvigorated my interest in the topic. He referred me to the following article which covers it from a Canadian perspective. Non-Canadians will find it interesting because provides a WW view and compares with US ( which has been covered well/adnauseum).

Canada Sleeps Through War to ‘Save the Internet’ (in Mediacheck): “

Digital democracy at risk if telecoms get their way say opponents.”

(Via Tyee – Home.)

*** The article also includes a link to Net Neutrality Canada -

This site is unique in that it lists “Violators” and examples of what they are doing. Very interesting. This is much more tangible for me. I’m gonna dig into it this week.