Beauty & The Beast – Part 4 – What the !@#$ Does Marketing Do

This is the link to the full series.

When I first decided to start writing up these marketing snapshots I had hoped that I’d never get to “The Press Release”. It’s such an emotionally loaded topic for me. I love them and hate them. But when the iPhone Mega Event occurred a few weeks ago, I was pushed over the edge. I loved the stark contrast between chip press and appliance press. I had to say something.

The first “interesting” item was my “chip guy” envy. Let’s observe “beauty” and “the beast”. I’ve spent my career delivering “beasts” … bummer 😦

  • iPhone is “beautiful” and “simple”images-1.jpeg
    • clean lines and almost no documentation required.
  • chips are “ugly” and “complex”
    • chips are marked in braille so that they can be identified with our eyes closedimages.jpeg & require 1,000’s of pages of documentation (literally).

The second “ironic” item that made me laugh were all the blog articles and Wall St. analyst reports speculating on whose chips were inside the iPhone. What made me laugh? The fact that people had to speculate. Why hadn’t the chip guys made announcements as well? You’d figure that this is significant, if iPhone ships 5M units this will be a $50M-$100M design win for a couple vendors.

So What’s up with Chip Press Releases? I’ll discuss that in my next post.