Living Vicariously Thru K-Dog @ the Hope (Golf)

Some guys have it good, very good. My friend Kevin just played in the Pro-Am at the Bob Hope Classic in Palm Springs last week. Most golfers know about the 16th at PGA West, here is Kevin’s post game review. It’s a treat. This would be sooooo much fun! Iain

The highlight of the day was on the 16th which is called double cross as one is supposed to cross over a canal and then back to the green. I sliced so far right that I never crossed over but bounced up into rocks and trees on the mountain side.
I found my ball, did like Tiger, and had my caddie, Bill, move about 5 rocks.
Then he took cover behind a tree. Being a Canadian Tour pro, my caddie, of course, thought that it was an impossible and dangerous shot, having never been in such trouble. But I have had lots of practice.
Anyways, to the cheers of the crowd I punched it out low, under branches and over rocks, and bounced onto the green and almost sunk it then and there.
I frustratingly left the return putt an inch short of birdie, to only par the hole like the pro (but still earn a net birdie for the team).
So quite a wild day.