Subscription vs Download (A VC)

Fred Wilson has yet another thought inspiring post on how media will be purchased and consumed ( Subscription vs Download ). He really likes subscription ( vs iTunes style download ), but for those of us outside the USA most of these choices are NOT available. It’s filesharing or nothing 😦 This should change soon ( I hope ).

I lean towards owning. But owning brings on the huge problem of, “What to do with all the purchased stuff?” (ie Back Up ) Keeping Photos (priceless), Music (cost me $$$), and soon purchased Video ($$) backed up & safe is huge.

I’ve had one friend lose the family hard drive. The major point of pain was the photo library. It affected them all. They paid some good bucks to retrieve the data. Luckily it worked out.

I’ve been agonizing over how to tackle this back up issue for a long time now. I keep trying different things. All of them take a long time and require significant IT skill. I have most of my stuff backed up to a firewire/usb drive. I’ve got all my music and photos on DVDs. But this is complicated by 3 machine and 5 user accounts on two of them. Ouch. I’ve been flirting with centralizing on a home NAS. But overall, I’m thinking that the only way is to host it somewhere on the Net. This feels expensive, so I haven’t really looked.

My current thinking for home back-up is trying out the Amazon service. I’ll have to look into this. Probably is pretty easy.

That said — I’ve had good success with subscriptions at eMusic & Audible. I will be a subscriber of the video service that works like them. Each keeps a record of what I’ve purchased and allow me unlimited downloads of these as long as I’m a subscriber. I think I’ll do the same with video when such a service becomes available.