Aargh — the Press Release ;-)

In part 4 of my marketing stream ( of unconsciousness ) I said that I’d write about Press Releases. What was I thinking. I don’t “really” want to do that.

To avoid writing about them I’ve been looking around for opinions that are similar to mine. Hopefully others can articulate my love/hate feeling about them. I always have trouble with that.

So far I’ve found that “real” PR people ( like Mark Evans @ b5Media ) have issues with them as well. I came across his post Don’t Kill the Press Release, which links to many many more posts on the good/bad//ugly of press releases.

I’m also going to do a thorough crawl of WR Koss’s blog (another press release non-lover) to see if he has anything to share on this topic. I like his Blogs Subtitle “The purpose of this blog is to provide a forum for ideas on networking, service providers, technology, venture capital, private equity and geopolitics. The objective of this blog is to offset the negative value of news that is broadcast on a daily basis. I do not want to know the news as determined by people who write press releases and those who cover press releases. I want to know what the people who make news do not want me to know.”