Clippings – Net Neutrality / Personal Security / Mobile-NG / Backup / Skype / VZ&iPhone

I’m catching up on my blog reading. Here are items that caught my eye yesterday.

Broadband Needs Political Leadership — ( Via GigaOm )

No kidding. The “Open Internet” or “Horizontal Internet” presents all sorts of issues. Today’s perception that Hosted Applications (Google) and Appliances (Apple) get all the “love” and that connectivity providers (telco’s, cisco, Lucatel) are getting “dissed” is the basis for this battle.

It’s not like Google, and users, are not paying for connectivity. It’s that Connectivity guys have finally figured out that they can’t make a “Walled Garden” ( or Vertical Market ) out of the Internet. They’ve actually got to compete in the “Application” and “Appliance” markets. Boo hoo, they’re now complaining in public.

From a political perspective, I believe that the massive job losses “suffered” and “to come” from connectivity providers will provide nice “fodder” for their ’cause. Also, the connectivity guys have had ~ 100 years of “vertical” bliss, they’re not prepared for a “horizontal” marketplaces.

The Telco 2.0 guys discuss this very well. The future is a “horizontal” Internet. Connectivity Guys, Get used to it! Stop whining and get on with the the new “horizontal” reality.

I was Hacked! -(via Mark Evans)

Notes on how his Paypal account was “breached” … scary.

Mobile NGN – a Real Telco 2.0 Opportunity? – (Via Telco 2.0 )

Next Generation Mobile Network alliance white paper review.

Dell’s Got Your Back(up) – ( Via GigaOm )

Dell’s getting into online backup game. Interesting notes on how it will be used for newly purchases computers. In backup there are ~ 100 players. If you’re like me the only players will be Dell, Amazon, Google, MSN, Yahoo, or the Telco’s (if they figure it out ). I’m using online backup for stuff that I don’t ever want to lose. Thus it has to be someone very trustworthy. It’s not the’s or Mozy’s. Sorry guys, nice services, but backup is “insurance”.

To open or not to open, Sprint – ( Via GigaOm )

Comments on whether Sprint’s WiMax network will be “Walled Garden” or “Open Internet”. You can easily guess the answer 😉

Skype Use Gets Q4 Boost – ( Via GigaOm )

Highlights of Skype 4Q06.

Personal Information in the Web 2.0 Era. How Do You Trust? – ( Via GigaOm )

Mark Evan’s being hacked and selecting a provider of Online backup. Freaky! This is important.

Verizon, ya we dissed da iPhone
– ( Via GigaOm )

Interesting commentary on what Apple likely got from Cingular.