Wall Street Research and Analyst Coverage (WR Koss)

Some people have lots of fun 😉

WR Koss says he reads too much. I’d add that he post’s too much. This is a “funny” & “serious” post where he discusses an e-mail job offer he received for a Wall St Analyst position. The hours & tasks are UGLY ( makes my Packet Engines stint with its m-f 7-7 & sat 7-12 hours seem pleasant). He adds some good questions wrt “Who reads this stuff?” & “To what depth?”. Wall Street Research and Analyst Coverage (Via WRKoss – Tech & Geopolitics.)

For us individual investors. This post just adds more ammo to the conclusion’s of Burton Malkiel’s, Random Walk Down Wallstreet. His conclusions can be paraphrased as “A diversified portfolio of Index Funds/ETF’s is the percentage choice. The Wall St. game may be fun, but it is a game ….”