Apple Security – Disk Utility & Crypt

I’ve always wanted a way of securing sensitive stuff. But I’ve been skeptical of using “filevault”. I’ve thought it would be too slow, or something. I had a mental block against it. Nothing logical 😉

I’ve been on a massive back-up campaign and I came to the sensitive files. It just was not cool to copy *.tgz files to a DVD. What was I to do? Here is what I’ve found so far.

1. In Dec ’06 I found a MacWorld article Macworld: Secrets: Encrypt files for safety that provided details on constructing a “secure drive” on my Mac. In brief, I can use Disk Utility to construct an AES encrypted Disk Image (dmg) file with its own password ( lets say safe.dmg ). If I double-click on safe.dmg & enter the password it acts like a separate drive. I can feel secure when safe.dmg is copied to a flash drive, CD, DVD, or on-line file-storage. Very cool idea. The gotcha seems to be that it needs a good password.

2. I’ve also found a cool little file encryptor program on the site. It’s called Crypt. It’s is very easy to use. My only reservation is that I don’t really have any idea on how secure it really is. The text on the site provides confidence, but I’d prefer that Apple included unix encryption commands in /usr/bin/. Such is life 😦 I guess I could find them myself.