January 2006 Music

NB. Band link is to their MySpace page and album links are to eMusic.

1. Lali Puna eMusic gets a lot of albums added a couple of years after their original release. This “bums” some people out, but I’m not complaining. Lali Puna’s Scary World Theory was just added & it is great! It’s chill music ( Electronic Ambient ). I’ll be playing song 4 — “Contratempo” way too many times ;-). This is my favorite album of Jan ’07.

2. M. Ward. I workin’ backwards in time here too. I’m on my 3rd M. Ward album and this ones a winner as well. Transfiguration Of Vincent The sound just “feels” soooooo good. I really want to see him live! My expectations are getting higher and higher, I’m beginning to compare him to Tom Waits. This guy is very special.

3.Of Montreal I started the month with “Of Montreal” Immersion. I got a few songs from, Satanic Panic In The Attic. I really liked Disconnect the Dots (available free on Last FM). I moved on to a few songs from The Sunlandic Twins, I really liked The Party’s Crashing Us & I Was Never Young. I then got the full new album Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?. I’m really gonna dig into this catalog over the year. I’m going for full Sundlandic Twins next. The album cover is very cool. They are in town this week.

Extras eMusic had (no longer available) 2 free tracks from Sinead O’Connor. Can’t wait for the new album … I think its “If I had a Vineyard”.

Rajaton My daughter discovered this Finnish “a cappella” band. Need to find their albums. Really cool.