Cringely speculates, “Google will be the Internet Core”

I like Robert X. Cringely, he’s a boundary breaker. In two Jan ’07 posts he discusses why he believes Google will become the core of the Internet. More precisely, Google will become the premiere platform for Hosted Content & Applications. To do that he speculates ( and provides some evidence ) that they’re building data-centers everywhere and will maintain an “Internet Core” for distribution to local ISPs. It’s a grand “gendanken experiment“, I like it!

Google has broke with conventional wisdom many times ( … they design their own servers and server network), Why not take on the design of an Internet Core for their data-centers? They have very different needs than telco’s. It makes some sort of “Google-sense”. It should also be bothering Cisco and it seems that is the case. ( See GigaOm’s google net neutrality post where he puts Cisco on the side of telco’s … interesting. Telco water-carrier Mike Volpi). Overall, Cringley’s speculation feels like a fractal design, there are currently local Google data-centers and the future collection of the many more local Google Data-centers will be a “Google Earth Data center”. It is also a nice backup plan if “net neutrality” gets uglier, which I believe it will.

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The number of comments on these posts is enormous. Very cool speculation 🙂