Blasts from the Past – Pretenders “Isle of View” / Neil Young & Pearl Jam’s “Mirrorball”

This week Studio 60 ended with “2000 Miles” by the Pretenders. Since then I’ve been overloading on my copy of the acoustic “The Isle of View” All Music trashes this album with 2.5 stars 😦 I don’t care, it was good enough to live in my car for ages back in the ’90’s.

The other disc that I keep playing lately ( ok … it comes back into rotation very often … I think this is my most played CD ever ) is Neil Young & Pearl Jam’s Mirrorball. Again allmusic trashes it with 3 stars, but I challenge any one to maintain the speed limit while listening to song 3 – I’m the Ocean πŸ˜‰

Update Feb 8th — My friend Iain (yes same spelling) ribbed me today with “…Mirrorball … you have NEVER stopped playing that album.” Too true, its always in my rotation. I love it and all its flaws πŸ˜€

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