This week I posted clippings/comments on Cringely’s “Google Data Center”, Andrew@Nyquists rebuttal rant, Telus’ “Porn-Phone”, and Steve Jobs’ “Thoughts On Music”. Here are some more items that are in the same vein. Enjoy.

  1. The Telco Battle of Mice – GigaOm
    Consolidation does not change the fact people find fewer and fewer reasons to create a billable event by picking up a telephone.
  2. Building the Perfect Board Package – Kedrosky
    (which in a perfect world is just an output of the current mgmt processes embedded in the company already)
  3. Does Information Want to be Free – Fred Wilson
    Fred’s presentation on RSS and “Attention” … I kinda agree with him, but this is controversial. Something doesn’t feel right yet
  4. Mobile WiMAX chipmaker Beceem Raises $40M – GigaOM Notes on Mobile WiMax chips.
  5. Amazon Unbox & Tivo PR* Backup of video is provided 🙂
  6. Net Video Drives DWDM Growth – Telecom News Analysis – Light Reading Light Reading is supposed to be PRO Optical. I posted my views on this topic before.
  7. 10 tips for meeting people at industry events – Andrew ChenAndrew Chen posts another great “how to” list for Biz Dev folks
  8. At Cisco, Nowhere to Go but Out – GigaOM Volpi Leaves Cisco.
  9. February UPDATE:::2007 Equity Hypothesis for Networking Companies… – WR Koss Update of Networking Companies Analysis … loads of links … It’s a view from a Sales & Mkt guy.
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