Here are posts that interested me this week ( and didn’t get individual treatment.) New this week šŸ’” I attempted to read a “marketing blog”, it was actually fun.


I started with “Seth Godin’s blog” and found some good posts.


  • 3GSM’s tale of two industries – MEX Marek@MEX discusses the contrast between “feature driven” Western Europe, NA, and Japanese markets and the “cost/accessibility” driven India, China, and Latin American markets.
  • Trading SOX via iSuppli – Kedrosky comments on iSuppli’s recent whitepaper discussing inventory and pricing power. Interesting.
  • Telecom’s Tale of Job Cuts – GigaOmKatie quips on Lucatel Cuts & Handset woes vs booming CSCO/JNPR. Overall, this makes sense to me. The dollars in networking today are in hosted applications delivery and appliances. If a company happens to live in those horizontal layers they are doing fine. (ok. handsets kinda break this rule .. they should be rockin’ ) If they live in the “distribution” layer they are toast, or soon to be šŸ˜¦
  • The New, New Music Industry – GigaOmGuest writer Raghav “Rags” Gupta has great post on what I call the great irony of the music industry — it is greatest time to be a music consumer and the worst time to be a music producer.
  • Appeerances Can Be Deceiving – Cringely Cringley’s speculation on Apple’s ITV and possible P2P plans. Good fun šŸ˜›


  • Ted Stevens Is An Idiot – A VC Fred Wilson starts a comment storm wrt/ a recently proposed US bill that is “trying to protect people using the Internet”. I say “good intentions” always have their “pros & cons” … mostly “cons”.