Too Many Dave’s ?

Attempt at humour 💡

This week I got a great music recommendation from my friend Seattle Dave ( The Pernice Brothers ) which is now in “Heavy Rotation”. My long-time colleague and buddy Dave sent me numerous e-mails from DivX to his review of the God Delusion. Then rugby Dave pinged me. Then my buddy, since pre-school, Dave sent me his “so very cool 😎 ” photos of his recent Jackson Hole ski vacation complete with Corbett’s couloir “vente de garage” tagline.pic13742.jpg

There are just Too many Daves ❗

Any of you want to change your name to one of the 23 that Dr. Suess thought of in his story “Too Many Daves (text) (Listen) 😛

How about Marvin O’Gravel Balloon Face or Zanzibar Buck-Buck McFate? Mrs McCave didn’t do it. So you probably won’t either. Cheers guys, thanks for all the great stuff this week 😉


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