Too Many Dave’s ?

Attempt at humour 💡

This week I got a great music recommendation from my friend Seattle Dave ( The Pernice Brothers ) which is now in “Heavy Rotation”. My long-time colleague and buddy Dave sent me numerous e-mails from DivX to his review of the God Delusion. Then rugby Dave pinged me. Then my buddy, since pre-school, Dave sent me his “so very cool 😎 ” photos of his recent Jackson Hole ski vacation complete with Corbett’s couloir “vente de garage” tagline.pic13742.jpg

There are just Too many Daves

Any of you want to change your name to one of the 23 that Dr. Suess thought of in his story “Too Many Daves (text) (Listen) 😛

How about Marvin O’Gravel Balloon Face or Zanzibar Buck-Buck McFate? Mrs McCave didn’t do it. So you probably won’t either. Cheers guys, thanks for all the great stuff this week 😉


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