Globe & Mail is Testy Today ;-)

The editors of The Globe and Mail must have had some kinda day yesterday 😉
Their 3 editorials today are all very “pointy”

  1. Tackling the sacred cow of Ottawa’s African aid – They’re cheering on Senators for taking on this project. Love this statistic 81% of CIDA’s employees work @ HQ in Ottawa.
  2. Purveyor of porn (Telus) – Vancouver’s Roman Catholic Archdiocese threaten’s to cancel service. Whew! Good points on porn guys, but this isn’t gonna stop Telus … Canada has yet to really feel the great “telecom upheaval” that is occurring around the world. For example, AT&T is sooo much smaller than it was 15 years ago. The telco’s are soon gonna do “stranger” things than sell porn over mobile phones. We haven’t seen anything yet.
  3. Japan’s wailing – Japan has killed > 1,200 whales in 2006 in the name of research.

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