Pernice Bros – Discover A Lovelier You

Seattle Dave recommended the Pernice Brothers to me with the following phrase — “One of the ***sweetest*** bands I’ve found in a long time.” He liked “Yours Mine & Ours” best, but it isn’t available on eMusic. I went for his second choice. It’s awesome ❗ I’ve been listening to too much challenging music lately. This is very easy to get into.

I really like “6-Dumb It Down”. “3-Snow” kinda reminds me of “Midnight Oil“.

MySpace:Pernice Bros.Funny — The “About Pernice Bros” section includes the following text.

This is the myspace page for the record company of the rock band The Pernice Brothers, who swear to God that they’re going to get around to figuring out how to make this myspace stuff translate into record sales, but they’re approaching middle age, so it’s tough.

I find it ironic that I’m older than them and don’t buy anything without checking out a band’s MySpace page first. I told their people that, and their people replied. Very cool of them. But guys — MySpace is a great place to check out music.