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  • Will the Clearwire IPO turn out to be McCaw Cellular or the third member of the WinStar and Teligent Group? – WRKoss – Read this. WR Koss digs in hard on Clearwire and doesn’t like what he sees. I agree with his logic, but betting against anything “wireless” lately has proven to be a bad decision. Unfortunately it seems that most of us are going with “beautiful wireless castle momentum” these days.
  • Telco 2.0 – Just read their blog 💡 Martin G and buddies “nail” the current “telco” issues so well and describe it so well.
  • Battery Man – Andrew@Nyquist – Andrew is determined find a “diamond” in the “optical transport rough”. I agree that Optical Transport has lots of room for product innovation. Especially if the Internet continues to trend towards “open” vs. “walled garden” architectures. But the optical “systems” market will soon be analogous to VOIP market for telcos — that is the $market will be much smaller than in the past. Nortel and Lucent aren’t going to replace old-line transport revenue with this new transport revenue. They’re going to look elsewhere to replace this revenue loss. They’ll invest in these new optical systems, but without much heart. That is why I believe that startups, like Infinera, will emerge to dominate the optical networking space. Good luck Andrew.
  • The Semiconductor Cycle Game — William Trent – yet another post on gaming demand & SOX. It looks to me that people are on to the game because the SOX swing is “dampening” over time.
  • DivX Launches Online Film Festival – NewTeeVee – I’ve got rose colored lenses for DivX 😎 They own the filesharing market which translates into licensing to all DVD, and home appliance makers. This has allowed them to work out many “real” world issues. They’ve got a good shot at “world domination” whatever that means. Bottom-line: I can build a beautiful castle in the air here 🙂 … this shows why I’m such a mediocre investor. “I buy when I see that rose tint”.
  • Cisco buys XML startup Reactivity – GigaOm – Cisco buys yet another “application” aware system. Yet again reinforcing my view that the action is in “hosted applications”, “serving up applications”, or “appliances”. The “distribution layer” is not as important ’cause the features here are “gelling into a stable set”.


  • Pre-Board Meeting One-on-Ones – Ben Casnocha – I’m all for “greasing the skids”, but 1-on-1 pre-meetings are all about control. I find it good practice to avoid 1-on-1’s when working in a group. It just ’causes dissension on too many levels. If you’re a team … the team wins, loses, and suffers together. My hockey coaches all said the same thing, “There is no “I” in team. When we go individual … we lose … period”.