Back to School for a Day – UBC Fizz Project Fair

I always enjoy the annual UBC Eng Phys Project Fair. It takes me back my “roots” in Physics and allows me to be in contact with those people who work on “Noble” goals for a living. They’re so fortunate 🙂 The energy of the kids is so great to see & feel first hand — Its serious and great fun 🙂 This year didn’t disappoint. On the fun side — Two kids who won 2 of the 3 prizes deployed age-old fizz humour and “changed ties” for their second presentation. Even more fun was their project 💡 an extremely fun “cell phone controlled model-car” based on James Bond of course. On the serious side there was a mathematical Quantum Mechanics paper which could mess with anyone’s one mind. Great Stuff Guys.

The guest speakers this year were great. It was all “Noble Goal Stuff” … “Space” & “Astrophysics” .. sooooo cool. { On a side note, this year all the presentations had a strong recruiting feel which seemed to motivate all in a good way 😉 … for the future it appears that the organizers have found a way to make the presentations very good. }

  • Bjarni Tryggvason — talked about his Space Shuttle and Space Station experiences. He finished up with examples of “why we need to be in space”. Good thoughts. I really liked the future of satellite imaging examples.
  • Mark Halpern — talked about his involvement in WMAP and how astrophysicists measure the age of the universe (BTW its 13.7B years old) and “inflation” preceding the “Big Bang”. So wild, but my head is still spinning 😉
  • Scott Roberts — finished up with “Engineering the Thirty Meter Telescope“. This was so cool 😎 400+ hexagonal mirrors that each with its own robotic control. Check out the web-site.

Standing Ovation — it was great to be part of a standing ovation for Harold Davis. He deserved every minute of it. He made a difference in my career and many many many other Fizzers. Thanks Harold ❗

Great StuffJon, Eileen, and Andre. I’ll be back next year.


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