Canuck Mini-Game Fever


Last night my son’s team had the privilege of playing for 4 minutes between the 1st and 2nd period. My daughter’s had done this a few years back. All three nights were very special 😎

But last night was “amazing” ❗ One of our coaches has extra-special connections which meant that my daughter, who was the mini-game referee, got to mingle with the “real” referees during the 2nd period intermission.

Then the experience went over the top — After the game my son entered “hockey kid heaven” — which is the dressing room. Wow! The experience was very funny ( in hindsight). My son was so blown away that he couldn’t talk. Canuck players were wandering all around. He was “a deer in headlights”. Matt Cooke eventually came up to us and tried to talk to the boys, but they were speechless. Cooke knew exactly how to deal with “fan awe”. He retrieved 2 programs & sharpies, then added his autograph (on top) and then told the boys to “just hold these out for the other players to sign”. They then got to meet Markus and Sami.

What a great night!


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