The Telco 2.0 ‘Business Model Map’ (Very Very Interesting)

The Telco 2.0 guys have out done themselves! I’ve just finished reading thru their four part series which maps out “Future Network Operator Opportunities”. I like it ’cause they give me hope 💡

Here are the first few paragraphs of part 4. … be warned you’ll need at least an hour to read and digest this. Probably a lot more to put into context of your own business. ——————————————————

The Telco 2.0 ‘Business Model Map’: Part Four, Action stations: “

In this final instalment on our Telco 2.0 Business Model Map we’ll look into some of the consequences for network operators. You’ll want to read our introduction, explanation and map timeline before reading this article. We’re going to stick with the ten-year-out map just for sake of typographical clarity, but the points apply to the industry evolution at any stage on the way.

The opportunity isn’t where you think it is

The received wisdom in telcoland is that bundling a triple/quad/n-play is the route to a profitable future. We’re less convinced. A few media owners control the blockbuster content (and the rest is on YouTube); telephony — even with feature add-ons — is coming under margin pressure on both fixed and mobile; and the broadband offering just sucks up capital without giving a good return (unless you’ve got a weak regulator and great lawyers).

We think the biggest opportunity lies in a different quadrant, where the apps are less tied into the network (‘idiot savant pipe’, rather than ‘dumb pipe’) — but the billing and value-based pricing remain in place.

go to their site for the rest … happy thinking 💡