February 2007 –> Shins | M. Ward

NB. Band link is to their MySpace page and album links are to AllMusic or eMusic.

There is just too much good stuff to listen to right now 😎

1. The Shins This is one of those “grows on me” albums. I’ve had the Shins recommended to me before, but I never really connected. I’d heard so many good things about this album that I really gave “Wincing the Night Away” a long try ( ie put the CD in my car) and it was really worth it. This is an awesome album ❗ . I really like track 5 “Sea legs”. This is my favorite album of Feb ’07.

2. M. Ward. I still can’t get enuff of this guy. This month he released an EP. To Go Home

Extra Wilco i) I got a tip from Fred Wilson’s blog that Wilco will be releasing a new album in May. You can download a track from their website or listen to it on the MySpace link above. The Hype Machine has even more of their tracks. I can’t wait for this ❗

ii) I got the Arcade Fire’s Neon Bible a few days ago, after a couple listen’s I’m convinced it will be “spinning” for most of 2007 😀