WRKoss on VZ Fios & Classifying Opinion

WRK likes VZ’s big bet. As usual its got some meat to it. Enjoy.
Technology and Geopolitics: Bold Decisions that Defy Investor Sentiment: Fiber to the Premise and Verizon’s FiOS

💡 I’ve been wondering how to classify WRK’s and Andrew@Nyquist’s opinion pieces. So far, I’ve been liking the analogies drawn in Malkiel’s “Random Walk Down Wallstreet” to help me. In that book he notes that Wall St analysts are CFA’s who like to determine the “firm foundation value” of a company and then “forecast” from there. Then there are those who specialize in building “Castles in the Air” stories. I believe that the best place to look for “Castles in the Air” opinions is Sales/Marketing people in their respective industries. This is what makes WRK and Andrew@Nyquist different. They are industry S&M guys trying to understand the “story” and map it back to financials. That is what makes them unique, and complementary, to Wall St Analysis. This type of voice is rarely heard because it is kept inside a companies walls and usually comes out in “controlled” Marcomm. Keep it comin’ guys.


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