The A, B, and now, C’s of attracting university students (Gary Mason)

Gary Mason has an interesting column on University enrollment in todays Globe and Mail.

The A, B, and now, C’s of attracting university students: “It was only a few years ago you needed straight A’s and a reference letter from Mensa International to get into a British Columbia university.B.C. had the smallest number of postsecondary seats of any province in the country on a per capita basis. Parents who only needed C’s to get into university in their day were outraged. Their kids were stressed-out zombies who did nothing but study. (Globe Insider subscribers only)

(Via Gary Mason.)

He notes that the BC government listened a few years back and increased university seats. I believe UBC increased engineering seats by 50%. I’m not sure about other departments. The government can never win 😉 thus a great economy coupled with a dwindling university age population has drastically lowered entrance requirements.

💡 I don’t think anyone knows if this is a “good thing or bad thing”. I wrote a bit about this before when Bill Gates went to Ottawa a few weeks ago. I still don’t know. It is very interesting.