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Chatting about blog-land this week. All of these are in my delicious widget on the right ( http://del.icio.us/hNorth/blog ) or in my blog. Note that I spent a fair bit of time on “housekeeping” this week, writing about Cavium’ S1 wrt/ Comm Semi’s, and not enough time reading 😐


Careers & Mgmt

  • How Do You Plan for M&A? – Ask The VC good discussion of most of the cliches — worth reading — headlines 💡 “Plan for Independence” & “Be Prepared for Acquisition”
  • “The Effort Effect” – Guy Kawasaki Guy reviews Carol S. Dweck’s “Mindset – The New Psychology of Success”. Very interesting stuff. On another tack — the overview sounds a lot like Golf Mind Guru Bob Rotella’s mantra “Focussing on score is a recipe for failure … Focussing on the process of scoring is a recipe for success” or “You can’t control the score …. but you can control how you go about playing the game”.


General Interest

💡 Blatant Self Promotion