Bay Hill 6th to become a Par 3? (Lorne Rubenstein)

I like Lorne Rubenstein’s golf column. This weekend’s discussion of JB Holmes trying to drive the Bay Hill 6th green in a practice round is “too crazy” ❗

It’s the final score that counts, not par:
Mike Weir …. last Tuesday.

“We were on the fourth hole and J.B. [Holmes, one of the game’s longest hitters] was on the sixth,” Weir said. “There was a crosswind and he was into the wind. He’s hitting across the water and trying to drive the green.”

Now Holmes was trying to drive the green. On a par-5. The carry directly across the water from tee to green is 340 yards.

“His ball landed three yards short of carrying the water,” Weir said, laughing at the absurd reality of what he saw. “Downwind, he’d get there easy.”

It’s obvious where this is going. The famous round-the-lake par-5 sixth hole at Bay Hill could one day be a par-3. Yeah, right. Or wrong. Who cares?

(Via Lorne Rubenstein – The Globe and Mail.)