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I’m really liking the iInnovate podcast site.

So far I’ve listened to Eric Schmidt, Andy Grove, and Philip Rosedale of Linden Labs the developers of Second Life.

I particularly liked Andy Grove’s question to Philip Rosedale (PR), which went something like, “What do you envision your needs for computing, client & server, networking, and software to be in 3-5 years time?”

Note that Second Life already has 4,000 Servers and the site is growing 10% per month.

Rosedale starts the answer with … we are only constrained by Moore’s Law. Our world gets better at this rate 😎

PR then gives a detailed answer which aligns very well with the Internet Stack diagram for the Internet. He is most concerned with client side appliance ( the PC) and the Servers, not so much with the network.

On the networking side, you know, broadband, symmetric high speed broadband connections, just continuing to get out there is really the biggest thing that we need. I’m probably least worried about that. We’ve got, you know, network speeds appear to be moving ahead.

Links: the clip of the Andy Grove’s Q the podcast the transcript


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  1. Thanks for tuning into iinnovate. We promise more great people will be coming in! Let us know your thoughts for future interviews (like/dislike, what we can do better). We’re always open to your suggestions!

    Min, on behalf of the iinnovate team.

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