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Andrew@Nyquist posted a great list of observations from OFC.

I particularly like number 10 — Stephen Carlton of Fujitsu.

“Don’t design your network for Video because much bigger drivers exist in the near future. Japan is trailblazing these applications with a cashless society, hyper-mobility, and other application innovation. Their greatest lead isn’t in FTTH, it is in application innovation.”

I completely agree with this comment. It is very consistent with the Internet Model I’ve been discussing in the past few weeks.

With respect to Japan and its Internet leadership. I used to religiously read the Yahoo BB ( Softbank JP) reports because they were a great leading indicator of Internet trends. Yahoo BB was first with VoIP, IPTV, and all these online application experiments. Unfortunately, ever since Vodaphone bought them .. the reports are no longer provide all the depth. Or maybe I just don’t know where to look, 💡 Hints on where this stuff now lives would be great. I can’t find it on Softbank website anymore.

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