Good Points on “Presenting & .ppt” from Seth’s Blog

Presentations are never easy. Preparing is tough. Who is the audience? What do I want from this meeting? What does the audience want? There is so much content that “weeding” is difficult. There is tendency to focus on “content” and then I forget about “what I want”. Aargh.

How does one do it? I just came across a detailed post by Seth Godin describing “how to .ppt”. (Seth’s Blog: Really Bad Powerpoint) It is a must read for us technical types who “just have to fit in all the details”. Here are some highlights.

  • Communication is the transfer of emotion.
  • Champions must sell—to internal audiences and to the outside world.
  • Bullets are for the NRA

The home run is easy to describe: You put up a slide. It triggers an emotional reaction in the audience. They sit up and want to know what you’re going to say that fits in with that image. Then, if you do it right, every time they think of what you said, they’ll see the image (and vice versa).

Of course the answer is that one has to do a lot more than the “content of slides” … but you knew that already 😛

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