Today’s BCE & Private Equity News

Mark Evan’s post Still Don’t Get BCE LBO resonates with me.

The bottom line is that “wireless” is the only new technology where telco’s still own the experience. It is still a vertical market and telco’s know how to make money there. But in all the new area’s they are more likely to be “experience enablers” providing infrastructure for application networks like – Google, MSN, Skype, Joost, etc. The telco’s haven’t yet figured out how to be “experience enablers”. Thus they are in a gap between a dying old model and an unknown new model. The Telco 2.0 blog covers this trend very well.

I’ve read all the articles in the Globe & Mail today and they all say something like the Private Equity guys think they can do a better job managing this business. I say good luck πŸ˜‰ Many telco’s are on a path to become the next DEC Computer 😦


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