OECD Updates Broadband Statistics Today

OECD updated BB stats today.

OECD Broadband Statistics to December 2006: “Over the past year, the number of broadband subscribers in the OECD increased 26% from 157 million in December 2005 to 197 million in December 2006. This growth increased broadband penetration rates in the OECD from 13.5 in December 2005 to 16.9 subscriptions per 100 inhabitants one year later.”(Via OECD – ICT.)

Here are some snippets.

  • Japan leads the OECD in fibre connections directly to the home with 7.9 million fibre-to-the-home subscribers in December 2006. Fibre subscribers alone in Japan outnumber total broadband subscribers in 23 of the 30 OECD countries.
  • The breakdown of broadband technologies in December 2006 is as follows:
    • DSL : 62%
    • Cable modem : 29%
    • FTTH/FTTB : 7% ( this is a new category for OECD )
    • Other (e.g. satellite, fixed wireless, powerline communication) : 2%

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