Google’s Growing Up

Growing up isn't always fun .. I agree with Fred Wilson's latest Google commentary Big Company-itis. The following quote says it all 😦 Big companies are not the best places to innovate and guess what, Google is a big company now.

Passing of Kurt Vonnegut

I've been a fan of the black-humourist Kurt Vonnegut for a long time. His books resonate with me. It sad to see that he has passed. At 84 I'm guessing that he lived a full life. Here is the NY Time obituary

Agitating the Marketing Guy in Me

I listened to iInnovate's Geoffrey Moore inteview last week and it has been "gnawing" at me ever since. I've been intending to write a lengthy post on the subject, but I get too agitated 👿 It is not that I don't agree with Geoffrey Moore, it is that I find him far to close for... Continue Reading →

Innovation Entrepreneurship & an MBA

I've been spending more time listening to the iInnovate: a Podcast about innovation and entrepreneurship. I really like them 'cause it is rare to have these individuals talk about their careers. One thing that leaps out at me is that a common question is, "What would you recommend for an MBA to do today?" A... Continue Reading →

Comments on Andrew@Nyquist OFC Notes

Andrew@Nyquist posted a great list of observations from OFC. I particularly like number 10 -- Stephen Carlton of Fujitsu. “Don’t design your network for Video because much bigger drivers exist in the near future. Japan is trailblazing these applications with a cashless society, hyper-mobility, and other application innovation. Their greatest lead isn’t in FTTH, it... Continue Reading →

emi & iTunes == No DRM

This is great news --- Apple Unveils Higher Quality DRM-Free Music on the iTunes Store. No home network problems or incompatibilities. Looks like Steve Jobs letter to music industry is bearing fruit. I hope this translates into more Music co's adopting this postion. I may be changin' my buying habits which are: eMusic and CDs.... Continue Reading →

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