Did I Mention That I Bought A Backup Book

I’ve been really struggling with the ideal set up for my network backup. There are sooooo many options.

Should I live with Retrospect (my solution last year), use one the many solutions reviewed recently by MacWorld (SuperDuper, Carbon Copy, Data Backup, or Tri-Backup), try Mac Mozy, write some rsync scripts ( my current solution), experiment with Amazon S3, or use open source backup.

I’ve always had good luck with O’Reilly books so I figured that I should buy a book on the topic. Their latest is Backup & Recovery by W. Curtis Preston

The book is a great resource. I’m glad I bought it. It definitely highlighted the error in my choosing simple rsync scripts. There is a section that reviews open source solutions. Specifically, Amanda, BackupPC, Bacula, Rsnapsnot, Rdiff-backup, and Rsync snapshots. I’ve linked all the chapters that are available free on his wiki.

So far it looks like BackupPC should be a great solution for my needs. My main criterion is that I can do a network backup of all my families PCs and accounts. I can’t count on them to backup their stuff.

Now I’ve just got to get it to work 😦


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