Golf and Defibrillators

My friend Kevin often jokes that he doesn’t know whether he joined a golf club or a seniors home 😛 I can’t argue with him on this point. In this months club newsletter I learned that Defibrillators will be located in the “Bar” and in the “Pro Shop”. I’m guessing that this is standard practice.

Two Defibrillators Purchased — Being prepared for an emergency at our facility is uppermost in the minds of the Board Of Directors, Management and Staff. Seymour has recently purchased two Automatic Electronic Defibrillators (AED’s). One will be located in the Clubhouse at the Grill Room Bar and the other will be located in a wall cabinet outside the Pro Shop. Effective May 2nd we will have three Clubhouse Staff and all Professional Staff in the Pro Shop trained in the use of these AED’s.